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Hello from a freelance writer …

July 20, 2012

Hello visitors using the Web or anywhere else that you have made the light in time.

Those of you familiar with the ongoing written works of freelance writer Bo del Ransi can now enjoy WordPress blog action.

This is my first time doing a blog. So far, it’s been easy — sign up, edit pages provided in the dashboard control panel, think of something to say, and aim it at being worth reading.

What motivated me, a freelance writer, to start a blog was because there is no place for readers to go on Helium without signing up for another account. Doubtless many of you have a WordPress account already and can already read and choose from an exciting list of blogs. And I thought that I needed to be here to share a piece once and a while about freelance writing and address any issues or concerns that you who read my articles, poetry or stories may have.

As you may already know, Helium is a great place to get grounded in freelance writing online. Not only does Helium cost nothing to join but you can make your own money in a number of different ways by doing your own, independent writing. However, I’m not here to promote Helium so directly but to give a voice and be a voice concerning my work and what you know that I like to write about. (Besides, they have their own blog right here at WordPress for that very purpose.)

So, why a blog instead of Twitter or Facebook social media?

I already have accounts on Twitter and Facebook as a video game enthusiast and to share Web materials with family and friends. I want my writing career to be unique and separate from my personal life because I have too many interests to reserve one ego for everything. Everything I’ve done online thus far has been confined to the written word, and I’m at my best when keeping my work private. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not accessible.

I want readers to know what they are getting and that my work is handled by certain regard for protocol. When I share with friends and family, I am free. Whereas for work, I have to abide by regard for protocol, recognition, and certain procedures. My writing aims to serve its target audience, and my time can at this early phase often be put to better use.

This distinction seems important to me and is very much the difference between stepping into a library as opposed to a burning house or a firehouse museum. Such regard for house rule and privacy remains important to our very heritage and deserves its own distinction toward recognition of civil society that we have here to choose in the United States of America and enjoy.

A big Thank You goes out to anyone whom has read my articles, for anything that you have done. Your clicks translate into pennies and the final result has become actually very promising month by month as my portfolio stacks toward infinity : )

Bo del Ransi


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