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Safe passage at the border …

July 9, 2013

After reading an article at truthout last night and identifying with the words that the writer was saying, it struck me that our current emphasis on “border patrol” may be in need of a quick fix.

The thrust of Ms. Knoll’s locutory ink revealed the following passage:

  • “Since the U.S. increased border security in 1994, over 6,000 people have been found dead along the border. It is estimated that over 500,000 migrants cross the border illegally every year.”

If these figures pass the necessary credibility test then these points set forward below may be useful to slice up once fresh out of the box.

Militarizing the border may be the current, common perception on what were being done, but the whole thing started out as a response to trouble with gangs crossing into the US past the border and in effect running wild, stealing cars, shooting and killing people, and doing any the things that Mexico has already been dealing with from gangs on-runpage in their own country. Thus it’s no surprise each time a new report of a ton of gang members turning up under those very sheets occurs in the Mexican press, but because trouble does not lessen its impact nor its influence for being trouble. Rebellion and insane disobedience are not commencible traits to involve oneself with, and the bad gangs justice have earned the wrath of objection in the more stylish ways of an untamed Wild West than we tend to see in America, that celebration and festivity may be reserved to go on without terror.

The ‘bad gangs justice’ tangent

Impressive isn’t quite the word. There’s no telling why the gangs exist that trade contraband in that definitive way that calls attention to their qualifications for incarceration or drone plane status, although the matter does concern 1. Native plants 2. Poacher-class trade and 3. Control of territory.  That they have problems were thereby inevitable. If a Union of states and their peoples yet have problems after all the fantastic and amazing, constructive things that their prior-ones have done, then naturally a dictatorially-controlled systematic blend of careless, offender gangs actually imposing their problems on an otherwise trying-to-be peaceful people makes for something of a begging-to-be-targeted by things that none of us control ourselves.

Gangs won’t solve the vaster majority of problems that have haunted civilization for thousands of years because their actions have been calling attention to the only ultimatum that matters before matters of political urgency, agitation of the sort that requires regard for the use of present technology. The fact of gangs being targeted by robot planes would not be so fantastic to consider to be compellingly inevitable, based on the simpler facts of what it means to ostracize your own from the world and refuse to recognize the Welcome Party that once greeted and extended the branch of peace. But slavery or bondage doesn’t operate that way; and if the offer is not a hand up to the civilized world then rescue from slavery were yet another branch of peace. Between a hand up and rescue, the question of why these gangs continue to deliberate themselves into perpetual trouble … it is not difficult to guess, although atrocious to leave to fester.

Turnabout against the hard light twide above

Blaming gangs for anything would be too easy. Consider other such matters as unpopularity in general. Natives (Mexican or not) have traversed freely across the border for thousands of years, border patrol or not. And now the idea to police the borders would appear to discourage something of a common bond between our peoples. That’s not the objective; but reality being reality, something was warranted in defense of the border crimes that known gangs had been perpetrating.

It seems that we never had been represented by a formal declaration of border emergency, although it would more likely be that this event was missed. Perhaps it needs a temporary calendrical date assigned in observation of the crisis? It just doesn’t feel like it were on the map, that the matter was represented. The current focus of The Administration presidential has been on neo-patriating illegal immigrants, as if taking them away from Mexico’s unwelcome Monster Machine.

The proposal for resolution that were so endeavored as fit-to-print would be more like instituting a national foreign policy — regardless of the deployment of capable border patrol agents — to establish at a regular distance the bi-national guarantee of border entry checkpoints that may admit anyone freely from the other side who does not have a criminal warrant outstanding for a felonious crime.

Missing the “accommodation” clause to border patrol — and our nation happens to be new at this in fact — were, although not omiss from national dialogue (being well-documented in the free printed press and online) — nonetheless lacking in angle. And thus this proposal for helping seal the bond between our nations, whether Mexico or Canada or the USSR in potential of scope.

The thrust of our own regard for border politic were that our borders should be policed rather than closed or shut down and that we should be supportive of the long legacy of reasonably unimpeded progress of the free peoples emigrating in either direction.

Continuing the rant against controlled self-destruction …

Having mentioned the problem of gang-related activity that was so abrasive, deleterious, and deadly for the border states such as Arizona such as documented in the late 1990s … and to-date.

The media has also reported something of a “gang and terrorism crossover threat.” This could be something of a because gangs don’t seem to recognize that mistakes can be made or that not everything that goes on in the world were the fault of Las Paunras.

The contraband connection means that as soon as Mexican (or associated) gangs become agents for distributing contraband such as that killing the last remaining elephants and rhinos, that they would take one deeper step into molten fire that has made their lives so harsh without contemplating global changes that have begun to act like a gyro upon the world and its traditional hopefuls today. If these gangs do not make peace and reclaim an identity worthy of their ancestors then they shall fail to preserve their only opportunity to uphold the decency that has made modest lives productive in supplying goods that can sustain people’s lives. It’s not certain that the drugs being supplied have been going where they deserve to be. And Maya although her calendar has expired, won’t be supportive of taboo crimes against what identity that distinguishes men and the society thereof from animals unlike in kind whereas apart in justice. If one could take a mache paste and apply it to Maya’s bleeding wound of limitless bloodshed coming out of that animal-favor social disintegration and international bait of action devoid of defensible basis, then the actual cause’d of human sacrifice would gradually become embellished as a sort of perfidious festering, that in fact of the Great Devourer that has come to claim Indolence in matters of fairness and rightness. Does that help put Maya in perspective? It were her people whom made this society of more ancient origin, not her society that made animal people. It appears that it were the very soil of the Americas that were of Maya, and unlike anywhere else, a ribbon of land running the very dimension of the longitude of the hemisphere: Maya. And then the other continent has their own sense.

Those who do not see fairness in the world do not see refuge.

Note about gangs:

Don’t bother with gangs … Gangs amount to a way of profiling people by organized authority, and members or associates of gangs may be innocent of any wrongdoing, regardless of their actions; and apart from the Way that information gets processed by guardian groups of national identity, the material data just isn’t that of your own.  Let anyone see trial as a suspected witness and make case like any decent person before a documented, reasonable public that no one should be agitating nor terrorizing. Try not to get involved and consider well not escalating any matter that you did not personally witness. Take positive steps not to fear for your life.

Remember, in the civil world what you do toward good faith advance defense may matter. But in the world that relegates law to that of bystander and hostile-endeavor-only,  there is no chance for anything you to do to matter once human psychology takes over the cage of the owl’s call. Civilization answers the call for fairness, we shall recognize. And being up-to-par — although it’s still not utopia day-to-day — amounts to being capable of steering a course rather than betting on your own bulls-eye status in such eyes of tooth and claws attempting to explain their own self-ostracized condition.


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