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Part I: Anything wrong with background checks for gun purchases? Yeah …

July 25, 2013

Professional doctors such as Claire McCarthy, MD, have been asking some very plausible questions that relate to issues with gun safety.

The problem with universal background checks

If everyone could carry a badge saying “sane” or “insane,” do you think that many people would jump on board the opportunity to pick up the latter one? Political correctness, regardless of different perceptions, has taught that the old model of sane vs. insane is no longer politically valid for any constructive cause of First Response. Its status would perhaps best be phrased as “gone but not forgotten.” The effective position on the issue runs as follows:  Bill. Of. Rights.

More specifically, it’s NOT good practice in a land of rights and freedom to eliminate political opposition by having people branded mentally in-stable, mad, or insane; and institutionalized; without sufficient basis and cause.  Therefore, any use of the background check condition of  insane until proven guilty should be suspect as politically incorrect. [editor — the word was accidentally omitted in a previous version of this document]

True, there’ s no reason not to promote good mental health, prevention, and therapy. But the days of throwing a person in lockup or otherwise depriving anyone of the rights for what amounts to a difference in opinion rendered off-the-cuff — or perhaps a few thousand such immediate differences if the matter involves religion or politics — should be gone forever. Consider government obligation to honor the rights of people.

Jumping from the idea of false incarceration to the issue of licensing, what you have in effect were a means of letting people vouch for themselves by organizing another form of liberty that presupposes cooperation with police for giving up all that information and preventing a lot of hassle.

That brings us to the “background checks” but also brings us to the issue of “identity theft,” being nothing short of fissile material. The end effect suggests that any case where rights have been denied due to identity theft would be nothing short of disastrous, considering that we each share the same rights while in the United States of America. With that in mind, consider the case of anyone mentally unstable enough to be denied ownership of a gun would necessarily deserve to be incarcerated or otherwise be supervised by the state.

Thus bringing us to recognize that not only do background checks serve no sane purpose being demonstrated by current rhetoric, but that the entire crux of the argument has already been obviated by such supposition that anyone so disturbed should be supervised by legal arrangements that thus would preclude any such purchase under the most controlled of situations. Prisoners are not going to leave the prison to go and make that purchase. Wards of the state are not going to leave the institute to buy the gun and rampage unless something were wrong with the control part of institutional supervision.

So if you happen to wonder why background checks have low support where it counts, consider the fact that if anyone actually knew that a person was a menace to society that any valid reasoning to the fact outstanding must therefore be prior. And for that very reason, sufficient to justify institutionalization.
In conclusion, redundancy of this nature would be too expensive, unnecessary, and rather counterproductive to the cause of human rights.

Disclaimer: All opinions represent those of the writer and may or may not be relevant to current debate or any political party of involvement.

To be continued …


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