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The fine-tuning electromagnetism of AM radio massing

August 13, 2013

Perhaps in sighting it has been previously recognized, if not identified. But with the tiniest spark continually ekeing its way on through the sky, no that’s not the Moon and in this case not a celestial body near earth per se. This were the apparent sign of amplitude modulation of AM radio establishing its signature degree of presence.

Clearly there were something better than this AM radio spark to attend to. Nonetheless, it has been referred to as an object of perception and thereby remains inevitable reference to encounter through any range of social interaction, whether passive or active. By way of existence alone per its observance, its potential for acting in the presence of human interaction suggests a share of underlying ills that may directly be responsible for its own share of widespread mental illness, mostly routed in depression, angst, distress, dismay, and some measure of personal grief. Anxiety may also be possible in its wake, or even severe depression. And that spells out its own very unsanguine prospect of acting capacity to effect suicide.

How to be sure of the radio station belonging to that specific source of the spark?

The most basic of certainties can often be established by following the spark to a source of known radiowave transmittal activity. Transmitters generally attach to towers that may situate on or near a radio station certified to broadcast AM. Smaller towers may be mounted to a physical building, while stand-alone towers may be anywhere from towering themselves to that very dimension of skyscraper height. During night-time hours, such towers shall be endowed with enough lighting to scare away any navigator-controlled airplane.

These depict some ways that the spark can hope to be traced to it radio station of origin.  Another way may be through common sense … If knowing that any particular AM channel happens to be most popular throughout a region, then the most likely spark isolated and recognized probably belongs to the most popular or widest-cast radio station nearby somewhere in the region.

Practical living

Tackling this diminuative spark can bring hope of achieving practical living. The goal of human psychology happens to be to address, even to deal with sources of human stress or strain, so it amounts to an inevitable topic of reference — thus a qualified matter to address.

A healthy mind can ignore excesses such as these, to whom this spark probably would not exist except as such significance of gamma-class (γ-class) radiation. Reading stories in The Incredible Hulk or The Avengers, and references to gamma rays — indicating that extra-bright idea — probably comes from that memblitive glow of AM radio.

To fight that spark for control — or to examine the human psychology about it?

And that sort of dilemma probably is not anything of a good place to work any use of controlled substances into, but because the control factor cedes to the unstoppible force that applies to all. Alcohol, however, probably won’t raise the human metabolism to challenge this spark because of being a depressant — but it could complexify already existing complication yet unresolved. And ordinary human labor rather should optimize the human body’s capacity to handle waste and poisons with applied veracity of “Health studies” taught at the public school where faith must surpass doubt at any expense of surprise genetic alteration and distinction.

But the all-powerful false-god of the imposed spark … that would be where faith must surpass doubt as to any expense of alteration or distinction. Because, I think that so doing entails losing awareness of the thing or of regarding such as least. Given the sort of role that an annoying spark of this sort can have, I refuse to accept its role as being least. But shall the perfected rendition lose awareness of the spark or be obliged to track its impact on passive and active human interaction?!

This question is not closed.

[Apologies for framing the thing as if it is not a qualified deity, insinuating religion, but we just don’t think that it fits into distinctifying monotheistic schema as a legitimate one. This is not being done to establish any religious connotation. References may be used that involve concepts recognized in philosophical context, but any gods referenced in this article can be independently and scientifically demonstrated as qualified references to phenomena of explicit and consistent attribute(s). Since our agenda is neither doctrine nor atheism but rather science, references shall be incorporated according to what validity that the author can validate or otherwise substantiate as convenient by having pre-existed in a known cultural weave-of-basis.

(Since one shall have to be inconvenienced by occasion of interpretation anyway, does it really matter who concepts once belonged to prior to Webster’s institution of the open dictionary?)]

Why the spark appears

Basically it’s not other than refraction from its ultimate source, its correspondent transmitter. However, its ranged proximis adds implicit depth. And there could be other such sparks.

Now, aside from any parasites that may land on skin and apply proboscis, all distinguishments must be made with total perfection against that of any applied convenience that invade the unforted private home.

Why the spark can be troubling

Alienating other persons to some degree already has its own supportive framework in the business world*. The concept is not expressly that of business but rather derived of the psychology of human interaction. The specific mode in question concerns an artificial but culturally veracible concept of personal space. Some peoples find reasonable comfort by speaking at arm’s length, while others find reasonable comfort by speaking at the length of a slap. * But necessarily so, for essential comfort.

Imposing “agent provocateur” of continuity that occurs from analog of its given range addresses proximity from source to imminent destination. Powerful analog transmissions imposed via continuity of their own neurolinguistic form establish continuity of neurolinguistic caliber. There were real troubles there.

And we won’t delve into those, because the broadcasting technology itself has been obsolete for a number of years. Once replaced with encrypted digital transmissions, all neurolinguistic correspondence between transmitter and destination cease to exist. And once those powerful neurolinguistic, subliminal continuities cease to exist, then lost were an entire proximity of range that had been potentially limiting structure of  mind and that could not scarcely do the laundry, wash the dishes, feed the dog, or handle the fine distinctions and delicate sensitivities of human interactivity on each level of engagement, including intimate; which sometimes becomes leftovers once absorbed with matters of working for a living and paying bills.*

There’s nothing like more quality time and fewer stressors to improve both the quality of work and quality of home life.

Once this electrical power to establish long-range neurosemantic continuity has been altered and abolished in favor of encrypted digital transmissions, there will still be analog continuity from receptive node output (i.e, radios and computers that act broadcast real-time radio programmes), but the power will be significantly less, and complication would be reduced by that power, that wattage that has by way of lacking continuity become more object-like without being particularly muddlesome. The binary itself in expression would consist of two signals with its content determined by its rate and could both easily and simply be ignored.


At this point, we thought, what if people tried to pair the binary with the end product, as if to look for in-common patterns. This should be entirely unnecessary and unappealing. But by removing the neurolinguistic element, there ought to be no compulsion to affect even the wandering mind as in that case of the current, possible degree that may induce its psychoses by engaging directly with its degree of acting electrical power.

In unelaborate summary, there is no continuity to binary exchanges that applies to reception of neurolinguistic continuity that commonly occurs at that magnitude of expression of power. Their (binary signal) being so indifferent to the affairs of social interaction, at at its higher power, it should thereby become no more engaging — no more compelling — than unobliging sounds of road work or mechanical humdrum generally stationary or held in place per its application.

Why resolution isn’t

It’s really not good approbation to eliminate social dialogue altogether just because discovery may happen to lead to explanations. The complications that exist justify reference even if there could be some “perfect plan” saved from whatever peril of inspection. Since complications far, far exceed availability of the hypothetical “perfect plan,” what should be clear were that by failing to address emerging threats to the peace as such prove emergent; and with diligent attention to relevant detail; that anyone might be at a loss to find necessary answers in time to save life and limb.

We need address of grievance now, before it were too late, without self-burying in wasted speculation on the problem being due solely to human ideosyncracy that exists under the shroud of continuity that makes up wishful thinking and that may deal punitive or damaging ideas in pursuit of ideals that have long been eroded due to excess repressed by obedience to the un-orthodoxy of being a captive audience. Bridging the learning gap can help reduce problems outstanding to their constituent parts and, possibly, to available solutions. (Redress of grievances were that other, quantifiable matter best reserved for problems that have no solution.)

Blaming yourself can be too easy, what with being a captive audience and induced to accept multimedia, with all of its consequences, as the only hope for uncompromising “peace.” Multimedia does aim to alienate or divide, does aim to antagonize, and perhaps does even aim to persecute; and must be held accountable as an equal entity for its deranged role in contributing poor conduct as matter of its veritable influence conferred upon the community. Collectively, and in context of being imposed by electrical power as described earlier in this text, any poor conduct makes a lot of difference next to the comparative chaos of watching cable tee vee or home video that exists as an isolated and unharmonized incident somewhere off the forced guidance of the proximate map of perception made useful.

It’s actually very simple, to reduce the power to become non-binding, and to return its supervision to willing critics. The existence of the spark that indicates amplitude modulation may well be one of the greater subtleties of the modern way of life, but it is not least among the foibles of managing a mature grasp between practical living and managing communication while attempting to enjoy, to appreciate, to retain values for living and reciprocate any socially-constructive token of esteem. Let’s not grow witches out of this spark but rather eviscerate its chimera of distress and pin it to its earned place in the bestiary of uncharitable electrical phenomena somewhere on the order of vicious circles.

Somewhere, and throughout quadrillions of diversions throughout our universe, there were an uncomplicated Hors d’ouerve disheartened by its visceral toothpick, similarly awaiting discovery en parallel.

Live a little, learn, put new unsavory challenges to rest.


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