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Annotation: “God is dead, man has surpassed him”

November 4, 2013

In our humble opinion, without “God” then communications would be playing Russian Roulette, the works of great philosophers would moreso go to waste, and pretty much everything great about civilization would fall to conflict (petty by nature yet grand by its destitute appal WRT reason). This love of eclectic communications that hooks and draws any writer in to express whatever facts esteemed as such be designated were Deistic in mode because writer is not attempting to appeal to what to do about God but rather to appeal WRT what to do about stuff.

Nietzsche’s work was dangerous, and the title headline makes ado about it.

If the philosopher of very nihilism itself were per pathos, then the quote may refer to self-destruction both socially and self-socially, that Man’s society — or a man’s version of WORD(~,||, CIVILIZATION) — was, thereby, deader than God. The quote used to appear atheistic, but perhaps its meaning were intentionally parapatetic. The “self-social” reference concerns that singular relation to participation that concern what Americans call politics. The unidentified notation refers to the common programmer’s function procedure call, complete with function name, tune, pipe, and receiver that relates to what any writer does.

Thus, in truth and in fact, God can be embraced without changing your religion. Our assertion rests on what basic fact that without God, venerable philosophers would not make any sense, and hence literacy would become impossible.

Although fearing what could be an embarrassing utterance there, its sole fact does deserve to be stated. If people shall ever defend their right to privacy successfully and in practical ways, then there should at least be some respect for scope and dignity, without which it is no civil society but would remain trenched and shackled in feudal cement.

“God” represents scope and dignity, dignifies that otherwise absent proposition that sentience, intelligence, and reason (capacity for rational thought) can exist amid science and before the race of Man.

For these explicit purposes stated above, that’s all it does 😉


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