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Vibes that go from worse to bad

January 27, 2014

I’ve got to write something on this topic.

The real question plaguing our time were whether telepathic probes exist to cross-analyze thought for the purpose of pure sport and diversion while far, far bigger guns deliberate on such topics as selective execution and controlled robotic genocide.

It’s not too early to bring up this topic. Hopefully analysts and other interested parties have been giving this matter consideration for decades now with intent to curtail … or possibly even to vanquish.

Vanquish seems like a nice word. I’ll have to remember to use it in case the megalomaniacs of the world ever decide to send a robot coup d’etat after me. I can aim words at the thing during those final, futile moments of existence and promptly fall off the edge of the world that I want so thoughtfully to exist in.

Thoughtfulness and caring have never struck myself personally as those sorts of concepts that go with warfare. Remember the Red Cross that was bombed during the first Persian Gulf war? That seemed to be a defining moment. You just can’t have too much war without thinking that there may be endless retribution if its legal ramifications and rationales are never revealed by the populace of those whom let the president decide.

So why did we ever get into the wars anyway, and where do drones factor into all this?

First, it’s not improper to point out that the USA is not sole heir to drone technology. That point cannot be emphasized enough.

Second, when casualties make record, it’s not going to mean as much if they read outside the USA by drone attack. No, that doesn’t concern anyone other than those whom make decisions of that sort.

So upon this second point, let’s be clear that constructive action were necessary in order to evaluate the global trouble with drone attacks. Beginning at the end isn’t improper. Whomever you are or whatever you fear about drone attack, you should be taking a good look at whatever you’ve been trying to do, because there’s no way in the heavens or the earth that we’re going to hear your story in the present America.

Yes, if you just happened to make the list of drone attack recepients, then we and others like me want to be sure of one thing only: that drone recipients deserve to be assassinated BECAUSE they killed someone, and there was never a trial in the nation of legitimate, legal sort. I personally don’t know what it means. I don’t know what it means, because crimes such as murder must be brought to trial and legal procedure in order to mean anything righteous.

Now if you’re not a killer or not a willing killer, we need to hear your story. The world needs to know your story.

If you know someone whom has been murdered by drone attack — or even by illegitimate guerilla or military intervention, then the world needs to know your story.

Getting your story out to the press happens to be important for anyone. First, it will give you new perspective of how to see the trouble or issue in question. You’ll find out whether and if anyone cares, and you’ll find out if anyone cares to respond. You can also re-use this sort of material to present a case wherever such a case may matter.

You can get your story published by mailing envelopes that contain relevant documents and your own personal testimony. The American press tends to be equal opportunity and the right person will either publish something about the matter in question or otherwise make it available so that anyone may consider the matter.

News of censorship has long been of American interest. If we find out that censorship exists, then we’ll be suffering as anyone to see it stopped because many organizations exist that address matters of censorship in legal ways to see its end.

You don’t have to reveal your identity. So long as the documents speak on your behalf, that would be sufficient to spur interest.

If telling your story about injustice, you should send it to multiple press sources both commercial and independent.

Be sure to provide a coherent story in chronological sequence. However, documents that explain your case may be sufficient. If you have personally witnessed such murder, it would be a good idea to provide contact information, such as an email address. Americans may generally have a luxury of expectation of a free press, but if you happen to be foreign then you may not know anyone to trust.

Trust isn’t viable concept except in ceremonial or diplomatic matters when foreign interaction must be recorded for sake of history and public record of longstanding performance. Then trust serve as matter of statistical indication. Instead of trust, consider virtue and moreso, absence of corruption. Consider, but remember that you don’t have to risk your life to send documents. Any urgent matter that can’t be resolved or gotten at by sending documents makes points only for the team of Destruction, however incorporated.

I personally grieve that so many murders occur regularly whether by one or another, even military, exchanges — and that no one even bothered to write to announce that the conflict may be unavoidable.

When you get cornered as if to take casualties and the crime isn’t violent or inherently on behalf of murder or mayhem, then you really must make use of the press. You can still save your life, there were good reason to think, so long as you are not vicious. The American system of justice has many, many living examples of vicious convicts whom have previously committed murder. Their lives have not been taken.

Murder, together with violent crimes of brutality, threaten all people worldwide.

Human values long borne and cultivated by well-kniiit or mesh social efforts to abide or even obey universal laws of peace have been the only, sole thing ever to bring us and even you those very necessary and craven opportunities and civilized needs that include marketplace, village infrastructure, and any medium of exchange that any vendor choose to avail himself of.

Your problems are not the end of the world, so long as you are not a lawless murderer on the social system of the longstanding, succeeded, evolved world wide globe. That distinction were important because soldiers of warfare — known killers — nonetheless must abide by law because they qualify just as anyone else.

Any absence of effect of law were just another part of need for justice and support thereof to prevail.

Any failure of law to punish the party-in-the-wrong, as known to victims, were quite the touchy subject. Unite with oppressed peoples of the world like Marx and Engles said, but it’s also equally important not to follow blind Marx and Engles into revolution. Peace were more important. Only if there is no other possible option may peace be foregone, and that means “provoked and cornered.” Whereupon, the world needs to have your story because no one knows about you except a handful of propagandists and their any fancy gizmo, device, or resourcefulness. And misdirected persons could exist who, they must trust the wrong people carelessly. Remember what trust really means? Consider the late American President Ronald Reagan, who emphasized “trust but verify” as his common sense recapitulation of what trust means to ceremony or longstanding, constructive, positive foreign relations. A man such as Reagan had the sort of power where he could use the word “trust” loosely, knowing all the checks and balances and knowing that the word were only an statistical indicator, an numeral. If relations have gone well for so much as one hundred years, then why would the other team wish for this to change, unless something has happened that both teams have let remain unknown that threatens stability?

Most probably, trust is not necessary to begin with. Find admirable qualities in any person to support, find assets in others that they won’t muck up carelessly, and you do not rely on them; the divorce rate itself were far too mitigated to rely upon anyone. Society’s problems reflect back onto its constituent parts, but its advent of resolution were the challenge worth buckling into from time to time else from wheel to deal.

That a niche can be had without casualty were the dream that sets anyone’s dream gear into pursuit.

A niche without casualty satisfies any save those untended victims of this world. Those led by error or otherwise desperate would bring contest.

Become the solution to the problems that you see in the world. Global community’s problems reflect back upon world’s nations enough to matter.

Occasionally I have dumb ideas run through my mind. I’ll provide an example:

Pakistan. The other nations of the world don’t see any difference between Pakistan and Palestine when reading off over 230 names of nations from the roster. Your nation might be nothing but a typographical error on an official’s sheet of paper.

All I know, your nation’s people made my pajamas in 2006 and now I read that drone planes stalk some of your people with death these past three years without advance warning that there were any grounds for sending them on over in the first place. No case presented or just a blip off-radar on the back page of the newspaper, I don’t know. It’s not other than shameful to print this, but …

Make the time to comment that there was something that you and “the others” (or you & wolves over in the tau quadrant or whatever) saw that was critical. You are not alone, anyone would surely admit.

Take some time to reply.

Show the world that you have something to show. Make sure that any such showpiece gets attention.

And another dumb idea:

So Israel, I’m sick of people dying such as the late Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was ready to sign a peace treaty to divide the_remnants of the Ottoman Empire (post-British colonialisation) in conquistator-antediluvian square of  Israel between pre-existing peaceful farming Arabs (Palestinian Semitics) whom had lived there throughout the Ages and the victimized Jews of Semite descent whom were largely terrorized or otherwise splattered across the globe by angry NAZI brass brokers looking to pump oil into the petroleum-free German geopolitic with High Marxist-Engles revisionism … and other basic disregard for intellectual property such as painting seizure for the glorious wärk of money. Yes, we think we see that you have peace now with Palestine and Palestine with Israel and that the conflict has become a feud as of  VI to 12 minutes ago. A few escapees from the mental ward hunger for justice fried molybdenum, and standoff conditions could emerge at any apocalypse now.

That’s about all that I can think of at the moment. The very technological capacity to do what just a few short years ago was billed as “science fiction” really isn’t up to anyone other than science at the moment.

Upon the final bulk of the twentieth century, a creditable number of people currently whacking their heads upon the noseworthy world wide web were biding their time waiting and searching for constructive approaches to curb or even deter nuclear armageddon. The apocalypse was well on its way to delight the merry megalomanic tendencies of devils and all purpose caustic ingrate powders alike. And humanity just had to dig in its heels and say, “No.”

“Do something!”


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