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Hello, guests and welcome to Bo del Ransi’s blog hosted by WordPress.

This site remains dedicated to my identity as a writer at In email I will be glad to read any comments that you may have on any of my work in the Helium Network portfolio.

If you have read my work on Helium Network, then you have probably identified the basic anatomy of writing the product of research. I enjoy the prospect of simplifying any topic of discussion for readers. So, if you have any problems or want to understand something complex, then feel free to place your bet with Bo del Ransi and we’ll see whether we can tackle the matter for you with a formal, written article. That should help you and help me at the same time, because your problem may be someone else’s problem as well.

Helium Network now has a wide range of microsites dedicated to the various topics that its mothership used to contain within one site. That way, the individual sites now can be focal on their own without one site trying to be all things to all people. Also, if you need content for your blog, you can buy rights to the various articles that you read and feature them ever-after.

My personal favorite links among the new microsites include Inside Technology and Beyond Prose. And I also reserve some special attentions for Living Space.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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